"...there was one film in the program worth pulling out and recommending should you ever find a way to see it, Corey Sevier’s “Haley.” With echoes of “The Leftovers,” Sevier tracks a man dealing with the grief over losing his daughter through an alien invasion. It’s a beautifully shot piece, one that feels almost like an elegy for our dying planet as much as anything else. There’s still beauty here. "

- Brian Tellerico | RogerEbert.com


" the cinematography gives us a strong sense of atmosphere — foreboding shadows, flickering firelight, the sublimity of a mountain height. There’s a grimness in the way it’s shot that reflects the post-invasion world, and the sensibility of the main character...This is a well-crafted story that finds an unexpected transcendence in nature and the science-fictional."

Matthew David Surridge | Blackgate.com

"A beautiful, poignant film. Well performed & sharply directed."

- Mitch Davis | Co-Founder Fantasia